I believe we need each other to heal, to love, to grow.

I love connecting with people and learning about their lives while I listen to their stories. I am thankful that my experiences working in health care, raising a family, volunteering in community and supporting my husband, an Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, have all provided me opportunities to meet and unite with people from around the world.


I work with individuals, couples and families using a holistic approach drawing from a number of evidence-based therapeutic modalities. I tailor my therapy to meet individual client needs and goals.

As a military spouse and mother, I have experience and insight in counselling military families. As a Certified Sexual Recovery Therapist I guide individuals and families through recovery from marriage infidelity and provide understanding and treatment for sexual addiction. As a Certified Cybercounsellor I counsel via telephone or video conferencing for your convenience. 

I am passionate about you reaching your fullest potential. I consider it a privilege to accompany you on your journey to healing and I am committed to walking along side you until you arrive at a place of contentment, peace and joy.